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11 Anti-Aging Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

People, right from the teenage years, want to achieve beautiful skin. They want to be free from acne and pimples. As they hit the 30s, women particularly, dread spotting the first sign of wrinkles, and so it goes on. By the time men and women hit the 40s, many of them are already considering going under the knife – forever chasing after eternal youth and beauty.

It is possible to erase many of the telltale signs of passing years from your face by eating the right foods – changing your diet.

So, without further ado, here are eleven of the top most powerful wrinkle-fighting foods to help you achieve softer, younger-looking, glowing-with-health skin, possibly saving a fortune as you hold off the knife!


1. Bone Broth

When your skin breaks down, wrinkles will form and that means the collagen levels need to be raised again. Rubbing creams into your skin won’t help – but feeding the collagen directly to your cells will. How do you do that, you say? By eating bone-broth, rich in collagen. It is better than Botox or wrinkle creams because it is long-lasting.

2. Foods containing omega 3s and supplementation

A lot of people believe that if you leave out fats from your diet, you are going to look so good, slim and trim. But there’s the catch – your skin suffers by being left at the short end of the stick.

A healthy body needs healthy fats and your skin craves essential fatty acids (EFAs) to look its best. The Medical Centre of the University of Maryland Medical Center has concluded from its studies that the KEY elements to upholding natural skin care are essential fatty acids that come from omega-3s; the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. It is the healthy cell membranes that make your skin look plumper, younger, and hydrated. EFAs protect your skin from the sun by reducing the sensitivity and diminishing inflammation. Restricting yourself from these fats you might notice your skin looking inflamed, dry, and prone to blemishes.

The body can’t produce is own EFA, so it is important for you to add them to your diet; natural foods such as mackerel, salmon, walnuts, flax, poultry, eggs, and oils. Don’t forget hydration, even though supplied by omega-3 rich foods, is needed by drinking plenty of clean water too, to retain the water levels in your body.

We all want lovely glowing skin and many believe that it is the topical skin products that do it. Don’t believe it! It is omega-3 fatty acids. If you are not getting sufficient amounts of omega-3 in your diet, supplements are highly recommended, as advised by the medical experts. That’s how important omega-3 is. You surely have met people whose faces just radiate with health – that’s essential fats – and not just any fats. We are talking omega 3 fats.  It is imperative you take care of the largest organ in your body – the skin.

Consider your skin as a mirror for your state of health. When your body is stressed and toxic, your skin shows it and when your body is balanced, your skin exudes health. The next time your skins is looking dull and dry, consider nourishing it from the inside out. Just look at Victoria Beckham for instance. On the advice of her dermatologist, she eats salmon every day in order to maintain her flawless and youthful skin.

You can’t afford not to start today with your omega 3 supplement and see the difference it makes!!

    3. Amino acids

    The building blocks of collagen and elastin are amino acids, essential for your skin to be in peak health. Your skin becomes elastic and firm when you add these amino acids to your diet. A deficiency will make it dry and thin. Your body can’t produce the amino acids on its own so eat plenty of proteins such as eggs and meats, or spirulina, watercress, green vegetables, pumpkin, soybeans, sunflower seed, avocados, raisins, figs, etc.

    4. Potassium-rich foods

    Your regular table salt will just pull water from your cells, making your cells flabby, contributing to wrinkles. Sea salt, on the other hand, is rich in potassium, and does the opposite of what regular salt does – it pulls the water into your cells, plumping them up and making them firm. Many fruits and veggies such as avocados also contain potassium in them that hydrate your skin, as well as poultry and nuts.

    5. Fermented foods

    A healthy gut translates into radiant and wrinkle-free skin, while a bad gut is a leading cause of skin aging. That's because good gut bacteria helps to keep your body well supplied with the nutrients your skin thrives on. Bad bacteria, on the other hand, can cause a leaky gut and allow toxins to escape to your intestines, creating inflammation throughout your body — including your skin. The result? Sick, blotchy, old-looking skin. Eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha if you want to improve your gut health. Consider buying refrigerated brands, because they contain good amounts of live bacteria.

    6. Green and yellow vegetables

    Vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, helping prevent oxidative stress (damage to the cells caused by free radicals). So it's not surprising that a study of Japanese women found that a higher intake of green and yellow vegetables (along with a higher intake of healthy fats) reduces wrinkling.

    7. Green tea

    Like veggies, green tea is loaded with antioxidants. Research completed on green tea shows how it protects the skin from sun damage, because it contains catechins, a type of antioxidant. We know how sun damage can ruin our skin!

    8. A delicious elixir for your skin - carrot and beetroot juice

    Beetroot juice, combined with carrot juice, apart from adding healing health to your body, does the same to your skin. Beetroot is packed with heaps of essential nutrients whilst carrots contain large doses of vitamin A, known for powerful skin rejuvenation.

    9. Lemons 

    Want a clear complexion? Lemons are known to detoxify the body and support the liver and kidneys. Put it this way – The cleaner your system, the clearer your complexion.

    10. Kiwis


    Just one cup of peeled kiwis contain even more vitamin C than the same amount of oranges, and when combined, these two offer dynamic skin and health results.

    11. Wheat germ

    For a powerful skin cell booster, wheat germ is your answer. Just sprinkle some wheat germ, known for its abundance of natural vitamin E and vitamin B, over your health cereals, yogurt or in your smoothies – there are many ways to take this skin beautifier. It helps in building healthy new cells, supporting rapid cell division – exactly what you want!


    Let your skin become a wow factor

    Wrinkle-fighting foods protect your skin in numerous ways. Some of them are known to hydrate the skin, others will build strong cell walls, while others protect you against the harmful sun rays. Different foods even work together to boost their power double-fold! Full of punch. If you are serious about looking younger than your actual years, add all of the above foods to your diet — eating them daily if you can. It’s anybody’s guess that you will start to see a difference in your skin and body in a couple of months and you might well hear some envious words being voiced more than just once "Did you have a facelift?" Naturally, for goodness sake, you want to learn how to unlock the power to heal your body, prevent disease & achieve optimal health, right? Start now with the powerful stuff, the delicious natural foods, and essential fatty acids because they are what promote life!



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